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Bomb Cosmetics

What better way to start pamper week then talking about a bath.
I will be completely honest i have only just recently started to have a soak in the tub... for the most silliest of reasons, SPIDERS.
For some reason my bathroom would always have a eight legged creature in there.
Usually, would have 100 of them (a bit exaggerated) when i decide to have a bath...

As my fears of creepy crawly's has gotten so much better these past few months with the added bonus of no unwanted company of spiders in the bathroom, i've actually plucked on my brave skills and actually had a few soaks in the bath, now winning at life.

So i thought i would share some gorgeous bath bombs that i have been using.
I was brought these for christmas from auntie & uncle in law & they are amazing!!

They are from a company called BOMB Cosmetics.
So similar to lush they are handmade and have so much goodness inside of them.
Plus, they are adorable and very tempting not to use them as they are so darn beautiful!
I've saw this company at the clothes show and such selling there items in their stool, which stands out from the rest. Smells out the whole venue with a delicious scent & os always full of customers excited to purchase their products.

All of the products are 100% handmade & 100% do not test on animals, whcih makes the company just, well... incredible & very quickly coming one of my faves!
They use essential oils wherever possible & are also vegan! 

I've just this second during writing this post, checked out there website & oh my goooooodness!!
I am 100% purchasing some more from them, but what do i choose!?!?
They have THE most gorgeous selection of product, with such intricate designs, designs that i have seen before, even from lush! And just like lush they also have gift boxes with a selection of products in all gift wrapped perfectly.

The price of these items are unbelievably affordable.
They even do home fragrance products, face & skin care, shower products, soaps.. a whole bunch to choose from, i can sure see myself spending hella time on this site fo sho! 

Here's the website for you to ooze and gaze upon... I can't get over how gorgeous their products are...

The price of the bath ballistics are £2.99! each!!
Even some of the bath creamers are only £2.09! 

Here i have a selection of bath melts and bombs...
So pretty!
All of these came in what they call a luxury gift box... <3

 Marigold Bath Creamer

Pink Bath Meltz

 Rosebud Buttercup

Rose Creamer

Purple Daisy Bath Mellow

Jade Bath Meltz

How beautiful are they?
So prefect for having a pamper evening, where you can soak in the bath or a bowl of water to soak your feet if you don't have a bath & soak in the sweet smelling scent & feel the softness that these products are making you feel...

Just lie back, set up your neck pillow/wrap up a towel to rest your head on, set up your watch later vids on youtube like THIS or some spa inspired music like THIS
& just simply relax. You need it.

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