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New Years Goals & Resolutions

When a new years comes around i love it!
I find it so motivating to have a new fresh start to a year which makes me want to have a fresh start with pretty much everything in my life.
Heres some goals/resolutions that i would like to achieve or things on want to improve on. Hopefully you find it interesting and maybe if your trying to think of some yourself, hopefully this might help you.

A Pamper Day

This year i really want to find a designated day to have a pamper.
A week rolls around where u haven't got my lady shaver out to keep the upper lip hair down, a week where i haven't done my eyebrows or took off the chipped nail polish on my toes.
It then can take whats seems like whole to feel like myself again.
I'm gong to make a day everywhere, a Sunday afternoon i thought would be good... to prune oneself to keep on top of my beauty regime.

Booking Appointments

Possibly an odd one but this is for things like booking my cat in for her next vets check up... or booking myself in for my next dentist check up.
This is something that i leave up until the week maybe day to then find theres no appointments.
So this year i will book appointments at least a month in advance so everything is set and ready to go.

Continue The Decluttering Journey

I've been decluttering for around a year now but in full force for around 6 months.
I have got ridden of so much stuff... to charity, friends and family... and for the items that aren't really fit for another use with someone else, things have been going to recycling bins to be appreciated and made into something else.
I definitely need to continue decluttering as i still have so much stuff that i don't need or no longer want.
I loveeeee sorting all my stuff, getting some black bags and just sorting through each item.

Be More Active 

Not just with exercising but with being more outdoors. Visit places where i haven't been before where i can walk around in the fresh air. Or get a bike for something different. 
To bring a bit a bit of activeness into my life as regards exercise, i'm having my eye on the scarlet moffats workout dvd... she is so inspiring and motivating to get me moving to hopefully tone my baaaady up ;)


I have mentioned in a previous post last year that i have OCD, which i have now been told my specialist that i have a complex case.
I am now instead of doing it here on my blog will speak about it on youtube, i feel my words will flow better & because there is so much to say about it, my hands with probably drop off from typing it.
This link will take you to my youtube channel where ill be uploading videos soon about it.... 

But one of my goals is to get it more control.
I am now on a waiting list to speak to a therapist for the second time now & also on medication which seems to be really helping me.
So this year i want to continue with the medication and hopefully will be able to control it so much for than i have ever before.

To be Debt Free

I shop. A lot. I catalogue sites like Very & Littlewoods.
They are so amazing if you want/need something but can buy it right out there and then.
You can get stuff sent out the next day. And more so Very is the same if not cheaper than the street and online stores.
I have took advantage so much of these sites over the years which is amazing but absolutely dreadful at the same time.
When you ahve spent over a certain amount you have options to pay either right there and then which i NEVER do, or 3,6,9 or 12 months later. With NO, 0%, zilch interest on top (just as long as you pay it before or on that date that is). With my shopping habits some months i have any money amount from £20 to hundreds of pounds a month aghhhhh.
Starting from this month i vow to not purchase anything from these sites and anything i do buy will be with hard earned cash! woo!
They are such amazing sites but i have definitely had my time with them, and as soon as i have paid off everything last years Emilie has brought i will cancel my account to hopefully then not buy as much and my money.

I do have some more goals and resolutions that i have mentioned on my youtube channel, ill leave the link here

I hope you have enjoyed!

Have you made any news years resolutions or goals for 2017?

see you sooooooon :)


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