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Make a plan for them goals of yours.

I have to give full on credit to Emma for this idea.
Emma made a video on her youtube channel a few months ago & this idea of hers really pulled a cord with me and just pinged a light bulb. 

 The 3 month plan.
In the video emma mentions her goals for the next 5 years.
She mention is previous years, she thought of how the next 5 years might be, but never planned properly for it.
Then went on to say that now, for the next 5 years ahead, she is going to take it 3 months at a time.
For many different reasons to me which you can see in the video.
Emma really made a lot of sense to how she & her husband are going to get what they whole heartedly want & want i just feel they completely out of this world deserve.

Like Emma, with my goals in 2017, i'm going to section them off into 3 month stents. Wether your goals are very personally to & your family. Or just personally goals like passing your driving test or starting a new business.

One of mine is just that...
Learning to Drive

1st set of 3 months
 Saving up, sending off, receiving a provisional license & taking some lessons.

2nd set of 3 months
Continue with lessons and with learning, gaining my confidence. Revising & taking my theory test.

3rd set of 3 months
Continue to gain as much confidence as possible, continue saving for the final test (ahhhh again), book test & pass test.

4th set of 3 months.
 Find the best insurance company for the car that has been gifted to me by my husband... its currently sitting on my drive until i have passed all of the 3 months sets. (ahhhh 3rd time)
& begin drivinggggggggggg.

I cannot wait until i can drive. 
I have wanted to drive my whole life & like Emma has just seen it happening sometime in the future but needed to have plan for it.
Emma mentioned how you can imagine you life sometimes and just go along with it without properly have a plan set out for it.
Emma has really helped me see that with having a plan, you are more likely to achieve your goals, with the time planned out into sections and stages.

Along with my driving journey plan, i really want to do this with all of my other goals!
You can cater this system to anything you want & have in that list of yours.


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