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Hello 2017!

Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope you all had a safe, fun & amazing time celebrating the new year.
We, being myself, husband and mom, went round to my brothers where him & my sister in law with their baby boy greeted us with their friends and with a home made curry & snacks to feast on during the night of love and friendship. 
We did the same thing the year before and really enjoyed ourselves. 
I was of course all over their pet rabbit who is the most friendliest rabbit i have ever met!
We played Articulate which was so much fun! 
Have you ever heard or played it before?
It a game thats basically charades, but you can speak & go round a board where your team mates help you get to the finish line....
I must remind myself to get it as it would be so much fun to have friends round for a games night, which is something i would like to do more of in 2017.

I wish you all the happiness in the world for 2017, if you had a bad 2016 for any reason at all, just think of 2017 as a fresh start & you might be able to think of 2016 as a lesson of some ways or you can try and see positive side of that year to then bring on into 2017 to make it the best year yet!

What did you do on new years eve?
Do you have any yearly traditions to celebrate it?

see you soon :)


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