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Falling Behind With Your Goals & Resolutions Like Me?

I have so much motivation before & during the start of the year.
I have all my goals and resolutions thought of and ready to go.
But this month i have really lost all motivation for things.
I cannot be bothered with anything really.
Which a has taken a massive toll on my resolutions & hopes so far this year...

If your like me, then heres some tips that i have learnt along the way.

Pinterest all the way.
I bloody love pinterest.
Endless amounts of inspiration & tips.
You could try and make a board of things that really give you a tug on those bones and a kick up the bum to get going again.

Watch some motivational peeps.
The one person that stands out to me who has literally made me completely turn my thoughts on life around to really work hard and get things done is
 At the very beginning of the year has become a daily vlogger.
She has been my daily inspiration... ( at 7pm to be precise )
my motivation and makes me have a positive attitude. 
For me personally, i feel we have very similar goals in life.
So Jodes really helps me & reminds me of the goals i've set & to keep going.
If your looking for someone who pours out positivity, happiness & who just quite honestly just works so damn hard defiantly go & check her out!
I feel like she has not only became my best friend but my life coach too haha.

Try & have your goals where you can see them everyday.
You can find so many ideas on pinterest & youtube where you can do a bit of DIY and make something to place your goals and resolutions in a place where you can always see them & be reminded everyday to stay on track.

Set reminder on your phone.
If you dont like DIY or watching youtube then why not try setting reminders on your phone.
Every 4 hours or every hour if you hardcore. To just keep your goals in your head to motivated you during the day, whatever your goals may be.

Make a plan of action.
Wether it might be to workout more lets say.
If you can why not joining a gym? If you've been there done that, try some classes. I really want to start some more classes this year.
You might not even have to have a membership to the gym, just pay when your there. Which i think will work really well to fit into time schedules.
To save money. Set up a saving system.
Envelope systems work perfectly.
Or open up another account with your bank & title is specifically with you saving goals.
Little steps for each individual goal can really help.
You have then made a start, which is better than nothing!

Theres some little tips if you are falling a little behind with your 2017 goals and resolution. Hope this helped :) 

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