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5 Ways To Help You Feel More Productive

I'm going to be honest this post is something i need to be reading myself! Let alone writing it for someone else to read.
You know when you have those days where you really feel like you need to do something on the to do list of the week, got time to do it but really cannot be bothered?
Me right now.
Right after me giving you these tips, i'm going to put all these into acton.
Which is something i have been trying to do over the past few months.
I'm fortunate enough to not be working full time depending on the way you look at it... not a lot of money... but a lot of time.
I don't want to waste the time i have in the by not completing things i know i need to do.
Its not like i'm even watching tv or youtube, i'm just sitting waiting for the next loads of washing to go in with my cup of tea, i make each washing cycle!

So this needs to stop! I need to crack on and get things into order!
To be a blogger is my dream job. 
I need to work hard to get there & thats not going to happen if i keep waiting for that 29 minute wash to finish.

Lets do this together! 

1. Make a list...
& check it more than twice.

On Sundays make a to do list for upcoming week.
Place it somewhere where you will always see it.
By the tv so you cant watch it without your list reminding you of the things you should be doing.
I'm not saying don't chill out, i'm saying of your someone like me, when i have a whole free day... when i have so much energy... i use it up by moving my hand to my mouth with food in front of the tv and feel so ugh, that i don't want to anything else.

2. Set a timer.

I love this one and really want to try and do this more often.
Its a little challenge for your list of things to do.
Lets say its to wash the dishes.
Set your times for 10 mins, which will include washing & drying.
You'll be surprised that by knowing your against the clock a competitive streak wether you knew you had or not will unleash and will get that job done!
If you set a timer for most things you have in the day, you will be amazed at how my you can get done and you will feel soooo productive. 

3. Keep the end goal in mind.

If you going away at the end of the week and have a list as long as your arm to accomplish. Keep trying to remember the end goal.
The day you want everything to be done by.
The time your leaving the house.
So them days where theres no time for odd jobs to do are all done because you've remembered you cant leave the things until the last minute and have been productive to get them done.

4. Get things done ahead of time.

If you know your not going to have a lot of time in the week to sort some things out. Prep ahead of time... with anything.
Dinners for the week... Washing and ironing work clothes...
lunch prepping... and all that productive time you've spent to help with time in the week for you to do things, will give you the feeling of accomplishment  all week long. 

5. Exercise.

Ugh, i know. This is not want i want to hear right now with wrappers on celebrations on my desk... oops.
But i know deep down that exercise is the main thing thats helps me get to work and be productive.
With all the endorphins & the sense of major accomplishment
I feel so alive & ready get so much done!
I feel so fresh, that i want to carry that feeling on as long as possible which really helps with productivity. 

So there we go 5 tips to get your get you *ahum* together ;)
I will defiantly refer back to this when i'm feeling glum and cant be arsed.
Hope this helps you too! 

See you soon :)

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