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5 Things To Be Thankful For In Janurary

January can be a mixture of things. Fresh and new
but un motivating and blue.
(a bit of a morning rhyme for you there)

I thought it might be good to make myself realise some of the things that i can be thankful for in this mixture of emotions month.

1. Fresh first month of the year.
I love the end of a year & an exciting fresh start with a new one.
I do believe you can start any day that you want to a fresh.
But theres just something about a whole new year.

2. Sales, sales, Sales.
Pretty much every shop will have some sort of discount.
And if you have been lusting over something for while. January is the perfect month to buy it! 

3. A month that inspires goals.
I have a handful of goals and resolutions this year.
Along with the fresh start, in my opinion the best month to start them.
You can look back on your previous January goals and is you have achieved or still need to work on them.

4. You might still have recored films.
The tv has some amazing films on over the christmas time.
When i was little i was spoilt for choice and only had the option to either pick one or the other (if some was on at the same time, devastating)
or tape over something i've already watched on vhs.
(them were the days)
but now if we can, we have technology where we can record and catch or as many as we want. I defiantly haven't got round to my list of films.
 Which will fill my January up perfectly! 

5. You have all the left over treats to eat.
The cupboard might still be over following after christmas.
As well as some selection boxes aunties and uncles have gifted you. 
Januarys the time for no guilt.
You have to eat everything to make room for the 'healthy' food don't we? ;)


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