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NEW L'Oreal Fine Flowers Milk Review

Hey flower pots.
Happy 1st of September to you all. 

Today i have a review of the new L'Oreal Fine Flowers Milk. 
My lovely mom brought this for me as i was eyeing up the L'Oreal stand a few weeks ago.

The minimal clean look with the soft petal picture really drew me in and got me intrigued.
I was on the look out a new cleanser and was so excited to get my paws on this.

On the bottle this product is described to remove makeup, cleanse and nourish.
It contains rose and jasmine & is suitable for dry & sensitive skin. 

You can 400ml which is a very generous size. I love the fact it has a pump as it is so easy to leave on your bathroom side, pump some on a cotton pad and just makes life that little easy when it comes to a tad laziness with skin like i have myself.
I like simple products with not a lot of work to it.

I'll be honest, i did think this would be like a hot cloth cleanser. But as i read the description it is more of a leave on cleanser if you will.
The type where you swipe the product along your face and neck using a cotton pad, which will remove any dirt and makeup which then you can leave on, to give a cleansed, smooth finish.
I personally like to really make sure i get my makeup off, so after using this i will either go in with face wash or a splash of water, to remove any excess dirt/cleanser residue.
On days where i don't wear makeup, this cleanser is nice to sweep over the face to remove any dirt and impurities that may have developed through the day/night.
With the cleanser slightly still remaining on the skin, it does not feel tacky or greasy just a small lotion like feel. With the milky constancy, it allows the product to smoothly and easily distribute over the skin and give a light feeling of softness.

The 'how to use' section on the back of the bottle, says to complete the skin, follow up with Fine Flowers toner. Which they would obviously recommend as a brand, but i do believe that this would answer my qualms to washing my face after removing my makeup. I believe it would just fresh up the skin and make the face feel that little but more cleaner.

The scent is very soft and delicate which matches the power of the cleaner. Its not going strip your skin and will be a perfect makeup remover/cleanser for those who suffer with sensitive skin. 

I love the combo of rose and jasmine.
The bottle also tells us that Rose is known for its soothing and comforting properties & jasmine, is renowned for its protecting and moisturising properties. So not only a fab skincare mixture but it also smells so lovely. 

My mom treated me to this from Superdrug at a offer price of £3.50 i believe, but as now gone up slightly to £5.99.
For the quantity i think this is quite good & if your on the look out for a delicate calming gentle cleanser then i would definitely check this out.  

L'Oreal also have other products in the Fine Flowers range which i will definitely check out in the future, especially the toner and also their gel cream wash, to see if it changes my mind on the whole gel cleansers, but thats for another post.

Until Monday Sweeties

Too Faced - Natural Love Palette Review & Swatches

So today my lovelies, I'm going to show you the beauty of an eyeshadow that I picked up in the states. 

The Too Faced Natural Love Palette.
How adorably cute is this packaging though?!
I have never seen a palette like it before and i am so grateful & happy that i have it in my collection. 
The palette comes in a matching cardboard box, that i am not throwing away, you'll be happy to know, and a little leaflet giving you ideas of what looks to create with the shades. The palette itself is also a strong card material. I have heard other reviews on other palettes in the past that are cardboard & they can be quite flimsy. For a quite expensive palette and such stunning packaging, i was a teensy bit worried that it may over uses wear and become very worn. But i think what may be different about this particular palette is that the card around the shadows is quite strong and sturdy with the mirror being a little but ore loose will make it easy to manoeuvre it over the palette to hold easier. Speaking of the mirror, it's a fab size. Just the size you need to see what your doing. It is also bordered with the draping flowers that come from the front of the palette.

 I was dreading touching the shadows in fear of ruining the look of them. All of the shades are pristinely kept in their little squares with the most cute little puns you ever did see.
Too Faced mention on the back of the packaging that some of the colours are taken from previous palettes as well as new shades added as well. 
I haven't tried any shadows from Too Faced before so all of the colours were exciting to see.

All together there are 30 shades. 13 Iconic shades & 17 never-before-seen shades. 

I have swatched all of shadows for you to see all in their glory.
First impressions from just touching the shadows instantly filled me with satisfaction. They are sooo buttery and soft.
As you will see from the swatches, they aren't the most pigmented shadows... which i don't think is such a bad thing. 
A lot of eyeshadows can be so pigmented but the formula doesn't match up to that. 
Sometimes i find, not all the time but with major pigmented eyeshadows you have a lot of fall out and sometimes is a little harder to work with.

The shadows from this palette are not sheer, neither rich in pigment. 
But, I think these shades will be SO perfect for all sorts of shadow wearers.
For the ones who like just a wash of colour, to wearers who like a but of oomph. 

You can definitely build the pigment up, as i still had too with my swatches.
But with a little more time to spend on the shades to give more of a colour pay off i think is worth it. Just look at the packaging! Just look at shades you get!
A variety of princess, smokey, minimal, seasonal shades all in one palette.

I think if you had a palette with high pigmentation, you are limited to how you can apply the shadows.
With this palette you can have a simple wash off colour to take your fancy or build the colour up if you want to make the colours stand out more.
With a super high colour pay off palette, i find it hard to just have a simple swish of colour to my lids. Don't get me wrong i do love a good pigmented eyeshadow, but just because the swatches may not look like much, don't let that put you off.

*All swatches were taken via my fingers & all taken with natural lighting & no editing.*

Satin Sheets in the pan is a soft pink but swatch more gold, with the tiniest undertone of pink, it's stunning & is definitely my favourite out of this bunch. Oh but fairy tale!! Fairy tale is so beautiful, this is much more of a prominent glitter. The glitter is a white-silvery shade, which looks super pretty with the undertone of gold. Not chunky at all but the others are more shimmer, but this shades is on the more glitter side, come through sparkle!

I just love this corner of the palette. You have tickle me that could work in the centre of the eye for a halo effect or on the inner corner for a bit of glimmer. Honey pot which is a pure goddess gold. My favourite out of this set HAS to be undercover. In the swatch its coming through as more matte. But i can a sure you that if you look closely, there is hints of blue glitter. This shade is SO beautiful, in the pan when the light hits on this colour, the gorgeous royal blue just hits the light and looks stunning. I like the fact its not in your face, its just like, oh how lovely a matte purple, OH HELLO BLUE SPARKLE! I don't think I have owned a shade like this one before & i can't wait to use it.
I have just swatched again tickle. Now this one is for the rose gold lovers out there like myself. I couldn't put my finger on what colour this shade reminded me of. A vintage rose gold is how i would describe it. Imagine that with a cranberry shade in the Autumn! Yes please.

The pretty pastels. I don't own a palette with such beautiful pastel pink shades. How beautifully fitting would these be for spring. 
I am obsessed with the shame kittens. Kittens, Cutie Patootie & Bunny Nose are very slight duo chromes. Kittens is a more warmer gold toned pink & Cutie Patootie is a more peachy cool toned pink. Bunny Nose is a blue toned pink. Dear Diary is a very versatile bronzy copper shade that will be gorg for the autumn season. 

My my my. LOVE BUG. IS BEAUTIFUL!!! As soon as i swatched this shade, i knew this was my favourite shade in the palette. It is a purple that just gleams in the light. It reminds me of one that my mom wears from Rimmel. It's my favourite colour on her as it makes her greens eye pop even more than they do naturally. It has a sliiiight warm pink to it, but this purple shade for a smokey look is going to look da bomb.com. Super pretty. Smokin' definitely catches my eye too. It has a olivey undertone that will look amazing on all eye colours. I'm not one for wearing green tones but i think this olive shades will compliment my brown eyes quite nicely. On darker skin toned this would like.. *fingers to lips & kiss, throws it up into the air...* balissimo!
Moon beam is a interesting shade. It has a slight hue of grey. In pan it is a shimmery beigey colour with the slightest and i mean little insy bit of a purple tone to it as well. But i love the hint of grey in their, i'm thinking a wintery eye look with a mauve lip. 

Onto the last row now, the stand outs for me are Spotlight. You can never go wrong with a beige shade to pop all over the lid, to blend out other shadows or just wash over the lid for a blank canvas to pop other colours on top of. Honey Butter is just an on trend colour right now. Perfect to add into the crease to add definition and can be paired with all eye looks. By faaaar my fave and like Undercover, my favourite in the palette is Hot & Bothered. This reminds me of Makeup Geeks Flame Thrower. It is a gorgeous warm orange rust colour. The epitome of Autumn. Honey Butter in the crease to define and Hot & Bothered all over the lid with lashes would look epic. SO beautiful.
How lucky to have a matte black in this palette. Not often do you find a palette with pastel princess pinks in with a black.
Perfect for the crease for smokey look or to use a liner which will give the look more of a softer feel rather than using gel/liquid.

This palette is so versatile. Just like the name suggests, you can go natural or even take it day to night with the darker shades. Like i say, not most palettes have these sorts of shades in one palette. And its so nice to see! It means you can create so many looks, with just one beautifully packaged palette. I know how hard it is to pack light when travelling, i find it so hard to choose between palettes, i think ''oh but what if i want to create this look'' and so on. But with this beaut, you can create endless amounts of looks. The quality of the shadows are dreamy and from a few mattes to mainly sparkles, your eyes will portray the wonder of this palette.

This palette is limited edition, so if your tempted to get the most beautiful palette yet, get your paws on it quick, you won't regret it! You could even use it has a decorative piece... ;)

You can get this palette from:
Sephora $59.00


Hey everyone, welcome back. Today i have a Tanya Burr cosmetics haul for you.
I brought these items from Superdrug a few weeks ago. They also had 3 for 2, which has unfortunately ended now, but Superdrug are always having offers and that deal with for sure be back again in a few months or so. 
When i saw this range was realised i was obsessed instantly and had to have them to give a try.
How gorgeous is the packaging though?! 
So classic and luxe, as well as being very well made.
Tanya has brought out some beautiful pieces to the original collection as well as a new range for this season called, Chasing the Sun.
I have 2 products from that range and a lipstick from the Neutral Ambience Range.
When I've had a bit more of a dabble with the products, i shall do a review on what i think of them and how they perform throughout the day.

Illuminating Powder in Warm Bronze £7.49

Contour Stick in Light/Medium £6.99

Neutral Ambience Lipstick in Sunday Walk £6.99

(with natural lighting & no editing)

Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing what I have picked up from the new Tanya Burr Cosmetics Range's.
Keep your eyes peeled for a review soon :)

See you soon

Sephora Haul

So in June a dream came true and i visited America.
An every bigger dream came true and i got to visit Sephora for the first time & it was bloody amazing.
Ive watched youtube for 8 years now and ever since the first few beauty i've watched i knew i wanted go and splurge in Sephora. Thats exactly what i did...

January/February Favourties

Ahhhhh this is so late, but one of my little blog/youtube goals was to always do my favourties each month.
Got off to a good start didn't it? haha
Buttttt one will not give up, its never too late & better late than never are some of my well used quotes ;)

I've never done a favourties post on my blog before and can't wait to get the ball rolling each month.
Over on my youtube channel, i made a few favourties vids over there & love doing them.
For each month i set myself 5 topics. This just makes it a lot more structured and also makes me less rabble less...

The topics i always go by are:

Youtube Channel.

To change it up a tad for my blog, ill change the YT channel to a favourite blog.

So without further ado, lets get on with the joint faves :)


 Most mornings more in January i would wake up, stick 2 weetabix in my bowl with a splash of milk & stick it in the microwave, then douse it with sugar. 
Not only in the mornings would this happen, i often wanted it in the afternoons.. evenings.
It's such a warming bowl of goodness that can be so versatile too. You can stick whatever you like on it and tastes incredible. I just stick with lashings of sugar, not the healthiest obvs but still YUMS.
As it was January and was cold. I wanted something for breakfast that was warming and filling and weetabix did just that.

Sweets in general really not a specific kind.
Although in asda you can pick 5 things out of a big selection of sweets and chocolates for just £1.
My usuals are strawberry cables, fizzy strawberry & cola laces, rainbow fizzy strips & then a double of any of the previous ones for my fifth. 
SOOOOOOO naughty but SO naaaaace ;)


These are both more the end of Jan through to the middle of feb i would say which are...


Both songs are quite opposites but are equally amazing.

Touch is just a fun, upbeat song that just makes me instantly want to dance and sing a long too.
And as its little mix, the music videos is so gorgeous and sassy & sexxxxxay.

Moana is just BEAUTIFUL.
I haven't even watched it yet but you betcha i'm counting down the days until i can get my hands on the dvd.
I have listened to this song so many times and it never gets boring, The meaning of the lyrics, the way that it is sang, moanas voice is just amazing & is such a goose bump giver.
The video is out of the actually film, but literally looks like real life so magical.


My ultimate fave is the rimmel lasting finish foundation but after quite a few bottles i just fancied at little some different to try.
And boy'o'boy i have mu little rimmel baby and sister.
Its the aybelline fit me, matte & pore less. They are similar pricing & do pretty much the exact things. But the maybelline is more matte than the rimmel being a little less matte and just a slight dew.
It has amaaaazing lasting power, doesn't look cakey or dry on the skin. Matches perfectly to my skin tone. Blends out like a dream and is just everything i want & need in a foundation.
And if im just wanting more of a matte finish or something different from the lasting finish foundation i will 100% reach for this bad boy.

If you like getting your nails done but don't like how much its costs, just like me. Head yourself over to get some primark nails & they will change your nail lifeee.
I cannot recommend primark nails enough.
On me they last more longer than getting false nails done in the salon.
The price ranges from £1.00 to £1.50.
They look so natural and comfortable on and have been LOVING them.
I'm going to do a post all about them soon so keep your eyes peeled.


Me and my husband Richard traveled to London in January and we absolutely love it. We cannot wait to go back there.
I had never been there before and it was such an amazing experience, Richard had been there but not for the tourist sites.
We did pretty much most of the tourist sites in the matter of the 3 days which was pretty cool. We just sort of stopped took it all in for a couple of mins took some pictures and then went on to see more.
Even though we fitted a lot in. It was so super chilled. We just took our time, didn't rush and really appreciated what an amazing city we was in. 

My blog has been such a favourite of mine since i started it but i really found such a bond and love with it in February when i did, the fall in love with yourself February series, where i uploaded a blog post every day, you can see them here.
I loved every minute of it & has given me such a drive to continue making posts for you and for my little online garden.


Every month Becca Rose is my inspiration for my own blog.
She has the most beautiful blog that is so inspiring with all the posts she creates and the pictures she creates are just BEAUTIFUL.
Becca does an a ray of posts that are always so interesting and helpful with little added sparkles of her personality shining through. 

Love, Catherine has THE most beautifulest blog i have ever seen. Everything i would want my blog to be like in the future. The posts Catherine makes are so easy to read & so interesting too.
She takes the most beautiful photos that i just want hanging on my wall!
Definitely go and check Catherine's blog out if you want some gorgeous pretty pictures to ponder over!

So there is my January & February Favourites combined. So sorry that it is late, but i just couldn't wait to tell you and recommend everything that has been my fave throughout these months.
I hope that you are all doing ok and ill see you on my next post.

Thank you so much reading xx

Cutest Little Cat Bag - Handbag Review

I couldn't help but share with you this gorgeous little bag from Primark.
I've been eyeing this bag up for a while, well i say eyeing like i need convincing to buy it. I soon as i saw a glimpse of it on primarks website it was practically in my wardrobe. 
I picked this little cutie up from the children's section which i believe may be why it was a teensy bit cheaper from the ladies selection of bags.

It has a gold chain which leads on to a matching pink strap to make it more comfortable on your shoulders.
Its not the biggest of bags but during the warmer months i don't want to be lugging round a heavy bag, so this will help me to be minimal and just take the essentials.

I am obsessed with this shade of pink at the moment. I definitely need more of this colour in my wardrobe for spring.
I think its going to go with almost all of my spring outfits that i have planned as this shade is so versatile and goes with so much.

The style. Lets just take a moment to revel in the cuteness of this little kitty.
I love the ears and whiskers & the cutest little gold heart nose. 
The nose reminds me of some earrings from ted baker, how lovely to wear them with this bag though, a little subtle matchy matchy.

For only £5 i think its soooo adorable & purrrrrfect for spring!
(i couldn't resist)


This is quite a spontaneous post, didn't plan to do this but decided i thought it might be quite a nice idea to tell you somethings i have learnt so far, in my 22 years of life so far.

Its the very last evening i'm going to be 22, its my birthday tomorrow!
I've really enjoyed being 22 & love how TS 22 song applies to me haha.

I'll give you a run down of the year i was 22! :)

It started off with me being radio active.
Yep, i had taken a radio active tablet to kill of my over active cells in my thyroid, which meant i had to be alone for 2 weeks. Well, i could be around people but had to stay a few metres away, so that was interesting, but i got to spend my birthday on my blow up bed watching Netflix & youtube yay.

I got a new iphone. A space grey 6plus thanks to my brother in law & to this day absolutely love it.
5,457 photos & videos currently in my camera roll, oops.

I got a new job merchandising, it went well, i quit in the august for a few reasons but all in all was something different & got to see & merchandise loads of different makeup, so my makeup collection expanded thats for sure, but not my bank account hmmmm. 

We visited dorset for the first time in the March where we visited some of our friends & we had such an amazing time, which is why we have visited them since then & they  have quickly gone from friends to family :) <3

While we were in dorset for the first time, me & Richard my husband shared our first anniversary together, it was so lovely sharing it with the friends who wasn't at our wedding, so it was almost like an extended part of the wedding day, spending it with them <3 Also our little furry kitten daughter turned one, of course i brought her treats & snuggles hehe.

Both myself & my best friends Leanne & Megan had a few nights out including a glamping trip, got tipsy (understatement) but 9pm, in bed at 10pm, hungover until the following week lol. We had such a lovely time together. We shared so many drinks out & get togethers where we would chat about anything & everything, just general girly times which i love! 

August was when me & my mom started Wednesdays looking after my little nephew. It has been so amazing to see him grow & learn new things each week. We look forward to each and every Wednesday as he brings us so much laughter & joy & we love him so so much. We have spent so many times having little adventures with him. The past few wednesdays has sort of been chilling at home with the weather being cold & drizzly but we do venture to the local shops to take advantage of the pushchair to pick up some milk hehe. But past weeks we've gone shopping & we go and have a meal or a coffee & cake, go and see family, go the park & many of other fun days out which we are so excited to start back up when it gets abut warmer, the farm is on the list which will be so much fun for something to do in spring & Yep, i'm a AUNNNNTIE EM << Dorothy gale voice required.

One of my favourite memories of the summer was having my niece over when me had my nephew one of the Wednesdays. It was SO hot & we sat outside with a jam doughnut & a cuppa probably how wether appropriate & we had some paints & paper to draw while sitting on a blanket with grass sticking through. My little nephew was sitting on my moms lap splashing in a bowl of water with his toys & it was so much fun & loved every second of it.  

I became more fearless of animals. Insects more really, you give me a spider in the room, a little heart flutter may occur but i'll remain cool with it. i'm really protective over them too. 
In no way shape or form, If an ansimal is in my area with not be harmed lol.
I will try my absolute hardest to get them to safety. A fly in the room, i hang out by the window to get it out, a snail in dangerous area on the pavement, i shall move it.
I became so much more comfortable with animals & i'm so happy. Roll on helping my mom in the garden this summer!

I have spent many times with my other family, my in laws.
I couldn't have wish, imagined, hoped for a better family that i have gained by marrying my soulmate. They welcomed me with opened arms & i am so thankful. This afternoon we had a Sunday roast at my mother & father in laws chatting about holidays & knitting. 

My mom  & me watched the bake off & didn't miss an episode. We love the Great British Bake Off & each week we  would gather some treats & a cup of tea with out pjs & sit and watch it. Also we gathered a love for snap chat. Maaaaaany a times we would waste away the day on snap chat in absolute STITCHES of laughter. We are often in tears most nights at our funny snaps. I don't think she'd appreciate me putting some of our 'best but worst' ones on here but i'll share a few ;)

I got a new job being a barista at Costa. Then quit after 2 shifts. I enjoyed the learning before hand... getting the job, like the interview stages but once i was in there, my OCD was just tooooooo much. The worst it has been for a LONG time. 

Which then leads on to the next for months where my OCD just compleeeetely spun out of control, October/November time it really took its tole on me & still sort of is. 
I am receiving medication now, which is helping SO MUCH! In my current job, its ridiculous how much it has changed me, the tablets are helping me out so much. But before them, i was going through a really bad time. In the evening i would be a in a trance, cry until i slept & was so low.
I was in a very dark place. Thats when i went to the doctors where a lovely doctor help me & offered me the medication. 

During the dark times with my ocd, i came out of it realising i don't know much about myself.
Hardly anything to be honest, which really made me excited to start a fresh with myself, which is all going to start tomorrow, at 23 ahhhh.

Which leads nicely onto decluttering. I have gotten rid of, gave away, recycled so much of my stuff & i couldn't be happier. I had so much stuff that my mind & life was so cluttered. I have been sorting & decluttering my life for a few months before, but towards the end of the years i was getting to the nitty gritty stuff. I couldn't recommend having a good old sort out of your belongings, its gave me a completely new outlook let alone a cleaner bedroom!

We had the festive season, which was spent with the family, both my in laws & my own side.
Each boxing day my eldest brother & his family come over & along with my other brother & his family, my nan comes round & we had such a fun day playing games & chatting, lots of food.
This year we playing the cotton ball challenge which was HILARIOUS!!

New years eve, we spent around at my 2nd eldest brother & his families house, which is only about 10 mins away from me, so perfect to have a tipple & hop in a taxi. 
2 of my sisters in laws family was there, as well as food, music, tv & games.
& THEEEE most gorgeous rabbit. He is so unbelievably friendly, just like a puppy who wants cuddles all the time, he's so cute!

My cat & i discovered her favourite new game, usually the end of a toy stick, squishing it between the sofa for her to chase. We have also discovered a little game recently, where i get her a treat, we run straight into the hall where i chuck one up the stairs, she runs into my room, jumps on the bed & waits for another, every day we do this & its our little mommy & daughter time which i love & cherish. 

My best friend leanne asked me to go to america with her & her mom to stay with her sister. 
Ermmmmmmm, HELL YES.
Its all booked & i'm going to america OMG.

I started to pay off Very. lol.
My spending habits being 22, was erm... questionable to say the least.
But these past few months, i haven't been spending a lot & really learnt the importance of saving & not buying things i don't really need, esp on catalogue sites. 

Me and Richard went to London. Richard had been for work & a little in the past but for me it was the first time & we absolutely loved it.
Richard had never seen the sight seeing sights, so it was lovely to share them together.
We also viewed a few flats for the first time, which was so exciting & really started to get us both excited for out future. 

I have cared so much less of what people think of me & myself.
I have always not been overly bothered with what people think of me, but while be 22, i've discovered SO WHAT. If people think i'm weird doing something with my OCD so what! If i myself think i'm overweight, either do something about it or so what. If my hairs not straighten because i cant be bothered so what! Life is so much more than what people think of you. What silly thoughts about yourself go around your head. I've realised that i myself, is unique. I was born with the face i have & don't always need makeup if i don't want it on to make me feel beautiful.

I've really properly started my blog & oh my goodness i love it.
I couldn't be happier with how it is going & so excited to see where my little online garden goes when i'm 23! :)

The most amazing, magical thing that happened to me when i was 22, was that i have gained a lifestyle of positivity. 
Going through some difficult times being 22 with my OCD i have really tried to see the positive in every singe thing that happens. It has completely changed me as a person & i couldn't be more proud of myself. I'm more calm & realistic in life now & have gained so much more of a life now, just having a little positivity.

So its currently 22:23, i have an empty cup, an achey shoulder, a cute little cat snuggled up in her bed, a husband chatting away to his playstation buddies, a mom whose farewelled me a good night who will no doubt make me the best cup of tea in the morning & myself who will only be 22 for less than an hour & half. 22 i have loved every minute of you. Although yes, times have been a struggle but i wouldn't have gained the experience & positivity out of them.
22 you have given me so many memories that i'll cherish forever & have spurred me on to make 23 the best year of my life yet. 

22 Emilie, i love you & thank you so much for what you have given me.
i am so excited for 23 Emilie & what she has to offer <3

Right! Now i'm going to go and make a cup of tea, grab a biscuit & enjoy the last hour & 5 mins being 22! <3 (+ a few hours until my actual birth time hehe)


DIY Chocolate Hearts

Lets make some chocolates, yeaaaaaaah!
These are perfect, for treating yourself any time of the day.
Of course you can just break some off the bar & eat it ;)
but this is something that you can do thats quite fun & even relaxing.

Perfect for popping into little bags for gifts for others but more importantly YOURSELF <3

You Will Need:
 170g of Chocolate this will leave a perfect amount for some bowl licking
Heart Mould mines from here
White Chocolate Stars

You just want to break up your chocolate into a bowl & place it over a pan of boiling water, so it can melt our chocolate. Keep your water boiling quite calmly, you don't want ANY water getting into your chocolate or else it will completely ruin it. Just take your time melting it & that will ensure your chocolate staying silky & divine!

Once its all melted, take a spoon full of your melted choc, use the other spoons to scrape it off into each heart.
If you like you can pop some white chocolate stars before you pour your chocolate in, so they appear on the top of your hearts for nice little touch. 
& voila, cute little hearts that melt in your mouth & that tastes amazing. 

DIY Chocolate Face Mask

When were pampering ourselves, it's quite well known to pop on a face mask (maybe a few slices of cucumber added too). We can find oh so many from most beauty & skincare brands now, but wouldn't be so much fun to make your own! Whats also known on a pamper night is chocolate.
So what better than to combine the 2!
One of the benefits from making your ow face mask is not only is thats its fun to do & quite therapeutic, but you know exactly what is going on your skin & you can use different ingredients to suit your own skin needs.
I thought I'd show you one that suits all skin types & is an all round good egg. 


1 tbsp of Cocoa Powder

1 tbsp of honey

1 tbsp of natural yogurt

Mix all of the ingredients together, chill in fridge for a couple of minutes, to make it nice and refreshing when you apply it & leave on for 15-20 minutes.
(make sure you wear something you don't mind getting a little messy)

Just wipe off with a warm damp flannel & pat dry.

Cocoa Powder is a super duper high in anti oxidants to fight against free radicals, which are tiny chemical particles that can develop in our skin just from our everyday lives. The antioxidants also help repair skin cells, so if you have an pesky scars from blemishes, cocoa powder can really help t fade them, while being so so moisturising too. It helps fight against sun damage & pollution.
And tastes bloody good.

Honey is so well known for so many benefits for our skin. Honey is amazing to hydrate the skin & to also nourish it. Like the cocoa powder, honey is also known for making you have gloriously glowing skin, while also being a little gem at reducing acne & inflammation & even tightens skin!

Natural Yoghurt is AMAZING for you skin, it hydrates it, helps treat blemishes & my favourite... brightens up your complexion, tightens your pores, treats redness if you have discolouration. If your skins a bit this really helps to soothe. Anti-ageing properties it also has!

Over all this mask is the bomb.com.
Its going to help with so many areas of your skin that you don't even just have to use on your face... on your body too! Just up the ingredients a little...

You'll be left with beautiful glowing skin.
I used this myself last weekend & oh my goodness! It's incredible! My skin after felt so soft & so youthful and glowy.
A lit from within, very natural healthy glow. 
It felt so hydrated & clean & just over all AMAZING!!

I can't recommend this mask enough & do let me know if you try it.