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Its October 1st today and i thought i would do a post totting down a list of things i would to get up to this autumnal month.

Dye my hair

2 weeks ago from today i had my hair cut into a long bob.
Its the shortest it has ever been. I must have had around 10-12 inches cut off & it feels so refreshing to have done something new with my hair... not to mention how little time it takes me now to wash etc. 
Have you ever had the chop when your hairs always been long? Do you like it and wish you had done it sooner? I definitely do!

Before i had the 'LOB', i had my hair balayaged. 
So my hair was a lot blonder on the ends of my longer hair, which are all chopped off now. So I'm left with a sort of blondish, auburnish colour all over apart from the roots.
I do really like it, but I'm actually really missing my dark hair.
Now were in October and its autumn, i'm going to dye it all over dark chocolate brown again. I've loved my time being a 'bronde'.
But I'm sooo excited to a be a deep chocolate again to blend in with all the autumnal colours :)

Continue Sorting and Organising

For the past few months I've been trying to sort out everything i own. From knickers & socks to cinema tickets alike.
I've lately been feeling over whelmed with in my environment, when every drawer i open just feels like its full of 'junk'.

I feel so much better about my space now since sorting through things i have. 
I had 2x 5 litre boxes full of clothes, squished to the brim, rolled up to can save maximum space for the next row of clothes to go on top.
Pluuuuuus, at one point of top of those boxes i had around 6! 6!! vacuum bags jam packed with clothes.
Since then I've been working through them getting down a few vacuum bags at time. Eventually getting down to my big filled boxes, this is when i could really start getting down to business.
So far I've managed to fill around 6 BIG black bags full of clothes to give away/recycle.
It feels so refreshing & liberating to know I've let go off all those clothes. 

But i still have looooads that i want to sort. Nicnac things as well soon swarm your drawers.
So in October i want to continue on the journey to a more minimal and organised lifestyle. 

Snuggle Corner

A few weeks ago i decided that i wanted to get rid of my current desk from ikea & ditch a computer/dressing table desk all together.
I had it all planned, a poofe was on the list, i found a little bedside table in our downstairs cupboard doing nothing so popped my computer on that, put up all my autumnal items and fairy lights and was all set.
But its really not working out for me.
Thankfully i didn't get my poofe and wasted money on something i definitely dont need. 
So I've now decided I'm still not having my desk back but opting for a 'floating' desk. Some made to measure between my wall & wardrobe to have my computer and things alike on.
My desk previously was lovely but i just didnt need it anymore. It was too big for my needs since i have been sorting a lot of things.
So in the next few weeks ill be sorting out mu snuggle/cozy nook and along with the organising will hopefully create more space in my room.

Packing Minimal

Over the years, each time i need to use my suitcase/overnight bag, i really try and pack super minimal. Never happens.
I have got better over the years but I'm definitely not where i want to be with it.
This month I'm going away with Richard, both my 2 brothers & sister in laws, on a over night stay.

So this month i need to bring myself together & finally learn how to pack minimal especially for such a short stay.
Im going to limit myself to half a small suitcase.

What are you up to in October?
Have you made any plans for outings or lifestyle plans maybe?

Thank you so much for reading 
my reading blog blooms x

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