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Up until i was 18, i had never set foot in another country. Never been on a plane... ferry.. cruise... a jellycopter. 

A few months after i turned 18 my mother & father in law treated along with themselves myself, Richard (my husband) & one of my brother and sisters in law & their little one to Menorca.
As soon as i realised the plane wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be, i was hooked and i hadn't even stepped my feet on the ground yet.

We only really ventured out into the city once where we had a lovely morning on a tour boat and shopped in the town.
It was sizzling hot all week and
were talking HOT! Each and every day it got a little hotter & unlike here in england its quite a humid sticky hot, abroad its just, HOT.

 I'm now totally obsessed with holidays.
So far I've had my holiday in menorca and my honeymoon in lanzarote which was the most amazing time ever. It was during the easter holidays where the kids would be off & as it was our honeymoon we just wanted a quiet chill, adult time. So we went to a gorgeous boutique hotel and again the weather was gorgeous, the people was so friendly, almost like a different world.
As it was our honeymoon we needed time to just relax after many busy months planning so we ventured out of the resort just a few times.

I'm so thirsty for more. Of course I'm always looking where me and my husband and family can go to sit and lounge by a pool.
But a part of me wants to EXPLOOOOORE.

Different cultures, cities, rainforests, villages, oceans, mountians.
And not just abroad... Theres places in England where theres soooo many places i haven't been to yet that are literally a train journey away.
I've never been to London! LONDON
Some spend hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds to get to london, where as i could just hop on a train and be there in a jiffy.

Heres my 3* destination i would like to visit in the near future...
*out of 100s ;)

It has always been a place I've wanted to visit.
Its somewhere, where i don't need a passport or a huge suitcase and yet i have it pretty much on my door step and its a place where you can explore endlessly.
Each year i'd say right, THIS year i WILL go... and still haven't been.
Sooooo, I'm NEED to go this year, i need to start doing everything i say I'm going to do in 2017.
Of course all the touristy places are on the list.
Harry Potter World, Buckingham Palace, London Eye... Tower of London.
OHHHHH i cannot waiiiit. 

New York
Oh New York, New York.
I know I'm not the only one to have this place as one of there go to places.
How can you not?
So much to do and see to explore and learn.
SOOO much shopping... i mean New York the Shopping Central!
To be honest though, even if i didn't set foot into a bath and body works store, or trot around Bloomingdales i would be one happy bunny! 
To be able to see the statue of liberty, to see New Yorks skyline in real life and not just in pictures, to walk around central park knowing, that Kevin McCallister was in these midsts.

Not only can you explore here but as your exploring the beaches in Thailand, it would feel so relaxing, zen and blessed. 
Your getting your exploring and leisurely break in one.
My brother and sister in law went to Thailand for their honeymoon.
Went to all sorts of different places to explore and relax.
Just seeing some of the beautiful areas in Thailand would really make me feel happy. 

What are some of your holiday destinations you want to visit?
Have you ever been to some of the places I've mentioned?

Thank you for reading :D xx

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