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Emilie Louise - 5 Facts About Me

1. I was born on a Sunday afternoon on the 20th of February 1994. 22 that makes me (^.^)

2. I have been married to my prince for a year and a half on the 27th of this month & but we've been together for 7 years :O

3. The only answer i could give you for my favourite colour would be AUTUMN.

4. In the future i would love to live in another country. I cant wait to experience new places, make so many new memories, meet new people and explore different ways of living in a completely different place.

5. I drink tea ALOT! I'm not so keen on different flavoured teas, but just your simple Yorkshire Tea makes me feel at home. 
Of course I'm drinking one right now as i type!


Each one of these facts I'm going to be doing separate posts on, in more depth, i know you may be thinking, a post about tea? tbh i would love to just do some snazzy pics of my freshly made tea and just post that (not saying i never will mind you) but it will be more of a homely post, things that make me feel so happy and content when I'm at home.

See you soon, sunshine bloom. 

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