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Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Range Review

This is so super over due BUT how could i not post about the new  launch of the Zoella Sweet Inspirations range.
I just picked up 2 items for now which really caught my eye right off the bat. 

 Double Creme Body Cream.

I thought i would add one more lotion to my overflowing drawer of body lotions that just never seems to go down, please don't say its just me? 

My theory is that, if i haven't personally smelt the scent yet, i won't take the plunge to get the body spritz, the lotion is slightly cheaper and it just gives you a chance to smell a not so powerful version & isn't so bad if you don't like the scent. 

At first i didn't know what to make of the scent that Zoë chose, but as i continued to use the products, ones became quite fond *purchases body mist*
The description says that is has a macaron scent, with sweet almond oil, cacao and honey. As I'm reading this after just giving it another whiff you can totally experience each and every flavour.

It's very creamy and just slightly on the thick side. So along with the scent thats quite warm and rich, i personally prefer to use this in the evening and opt for something more fresh in the day from Zoe's tutti fruity range. 

But when i say 'slightly on the thick side', i don't mean it takes 100 years to absorb, this cream sinks is so quickly just leaving a comforting softness on your body. 

Life is Sweet Beauty Bag

As soon as i saw Zoe's video showing us everything she was bringing out in this range,the feeling of love, lust, desire, want, need happened.

This cutie of a purse is so delicate and sweet.
its quite thin, really thin but is perfect for keeping cards, receipts  spare change neat and tidy.
Or even on your desk to keep those stray sticky note papers in.

I love the shade of blue, it perfectly suits this pastel shade range and the scalloped edge makes my soul very happy. 

I would really recommend you check these products out if you haven't already. Zoe and her team have done an amazing job with this range as well as all the previous ranges too.

I will be purchasing more from this range don't you fret.
Having just watched Zoe's video on her new christmas range, bet your bottom dollar a post will blooming on those products too


See you soon

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