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My Pink Converse

My shoe collection has just on up one notch since I've brought these. I just love them! I never used to like converse on myself whatsoever. I never understood the hype abut them but at the same time loved them on other people.

I tried on pairs in the past, but thoughts never change, they just didn't suit me.

A few years passed and i was still in need a good staple pair of pumps in my collection that would just go with everything pretty much, something easy just to slip on that would look pretty cool.

I now had Pinterest  where my pins were vastly involving converse. Also many outfits with converse shoes making all of them look so good!

I hopped onto very and ordered myself a pair of the white ones.
Wether it was because i was trying them on at home in my own environment change my mind or my style has change, but i fell IN LOVE with them.

So that was it, i am now hooked on converse with a array of styles and colours on my wish list. The gorgeous pink pair was on the top of my list and couldn't resist purchasing them. I first saw them on a lady who worked in h&m, with some ripped denim jeans and a plain black top, this shade just made the whole outfit so different. I feel like they add such an edge and difference to my outfits. This shade is so perfect for summer too & has been the ultimate shoe for me this summer. With an all black outfit too, these has just a little summin summin. 

I have been told that converse are the most comfiest shoes to wear, i think both of my pairs need bit more wearing in, as come the end of a full day wearing them, they do tend to hurt a little but overtime I'm sure they will feel like slippers.

I think the next pair i will invest in will be the high top plain white pair. 
Ouu, and the sky blue shade! So many to choose from.

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