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Jaclyn Hill & Becca - Champagne Pop

Wow, just wow. Jaclyn Hill & Becca has made a gemstone.
 A rare gemstone. 

Emphasis on the rare! i hunted this down so hard, on the verge of spending a lot of money in Sephora to get it shipped to the uk, which lets face it isn't a real hardship ;)
In perfect timing my auntie in law told me she was going to new york and i thought.. *opera harmonies* yaaaay this could be the moment i get my hands on it.
She and her group looked for it everywhere for me which i appreciate so so much but everywhere was sold out :(
My auntie then messaged me and told me to look on the internet. Of course my heart slightly dropped as i already knew nowhere had it at easy access.

I was then told to look on Space NK and there it was *opera harmonies again*
right there for me to click with no over spending in Sephora.. no shipping costs when it came to my door... just right there for me to click and it all me mine *cruella divile laugh*
And my hunk of a husband even brought it for me as a present! Which was just a cherry on the top.

 In a very detailed personal description i would describe the shade as though jaclyn herself & the whole team at becca have each a block of gold.
Standing around a huge bowl listening to *opera harmonies 3rd time*....
and finely grating that bar of gold into the bowl which is then formed in the famous gorgeous sturdy packaging at the becca factory.

 Im not at all suggesting that this is grainy from the bar grating, as this formula feels like cream, smooth soft cream.
 That glides on the skin like butter.

Even though the formulas so creamy the lasting power of the highlighter is so long lasting, shines & glows all day long.

 Thank you for reading
see you on my next post


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