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My Favourite Spring Fragrance

To name my reasons why i love spring and why its my favourite season, could be a whole post on its own.
But, i'll give you one & thats the smell of spring.
The fresh air, the freshly cut grass, the sun shine warming up our garden so we can have bbqs... that scents our neighbourhood & best of all... the scent of freshly blooming flowers.
In our front garden we have rose bushes that have been planted there since we moved in, since i was born! Every year they bloom into beautiful, plump, petal crammed beauties.
I LOVE the smell of roses! I feel its such a classy, sophisticated, pretty scent in flower and product form.

Speaking of such, here is my ultimate favourite spring fragrance.
Paul Smith - Rose

Quite a few years ago myself, mom, nan & uncle went on a little holiday, where of cause we perused around some shopping centres.
We popped into what i believe was boots? 
Strolling past the counters and smelling some perfumes. We came across this one, all loved it and all brought it.
I picked this particular bottle up for just £20.00 in asda. 
So affordable for such a fragrance that smells like it should be so much more!

* sprays on hand, so i can get a good whiff to describe*
Roses, pure roses.
This fragrance is of course floral... with only a pinch of sweetness.
Im not keen on the over powering artificial scents sometimes of rose scented products & this is far from that.
Its smells like Paul Smith himself has picked fresh roses from his garden, crushed the petals until they release liquid and carefully poured it into a glass bottle.

This fragrance is truly beautiful & Its not at all over powering. It makes me feel so delicate and pretty whenever i where it, which is why i wore this on my wedding day!
As i spritzed this on to myself and over my wedding dress, 
i felt that i had made the perfect choice with my bridal fragrance, fresh and classic. 
The scent from my bouquet and the scent of this gorgeous fragrance blended so well & made me feel oh so bridal.

There we have it, you now know my ultimate spring fragrance.

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