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About Me

So i thought the best thing i should do for my first post is introduce myself...
My name is Emilie and i am 22 years old, i'm married to my gorgeous husband & have a cutie fluffy cat daughter.

Ive been married for a year & have also had my angel of a cat for just over a year now. 
22 does sound young these days to be married... but me and my husband have been together for 7 years in june and i just knew that i could not have him in my life anymore as just my boyfriend and i wanted him as my husband. And of course likewise for him, as he asked me to marry him november 2014 and we got married 4 months later. It was so magical all the prep and excitement was amazing. I had been saving since i was 15 as i knew he was my one.
We work so well together as a team and supports me in everything i do.

So theres my love life lol.

Onto the reason why i wanted to start my blog.
I actually had a blog previously to this one but i decided to delete it and have a fresh new start. 
Ive also decided to start a fresh start with a youtube channel, I've leave the link here... if you would like to check it out.

Some of the reasons why i love the idea of having what i like to call my little garden on the internet is because of a few reasons...

I really want to start showing more appreciation for things.
I feel like a have a good amount of appreciation for things anyway but for example, when i go shopping and buy some really lovely things, of course i take time to ponder over the lovely things I've brought, but most of the time they end up in the portal of my wardrobe and drawers and slightly forgotten about.
If its something that i really think should have a lot of appreciation for, id like to share it with you so we can ponder together. I can make time to sit and think about what I'm going to write, why i really like this particular item that I'm talking about.

Another reason is that i can share memories, an online memory book. Where i can share places I've been, things I've seen & something that I can look back on and remember what i was thinking about my memory descriptions.

The reason why i call my blog my online garden, is because a garden blooms such a variety of things, different flowers, different colours... So like that i want to bloom posts with a varied amount things...

Lifestyle, Food, Makeup, Skincare, Travel

I hope you would like to take a key (imaginary ofc)
and bring it every time you visit my blog, as if you were opening the door to my secret garden. Ouuu doesnt that sound nice haha. 

A post will bloom soon and see you then
Emilie x

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