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I'm going to do this a like a little series\diary log. I would take me weeks to tell you everything that i have to do today let alone over the past 14 years. I think it will make it a lot easier for me too, as just thinking about it all can be exhausting. 
 These posts will not be for everyone, mind boggling things will appear throughout the posts, and i completely understand how hard it is to understand unless your going through it or know someone who is.

If you are going through symptoms of ocd or know somebody with it, hopefully you can gain comfort knowing that you are not alone, as with this condtion you feel as though you are the only one.
I know that is going to be long winded and soon much writing, but if your going through something like me, I'm sure you'll understand and hope to find comfort as much as i do writing this.

I also just want to say I'm no doctor nor a psychologist and obviously don't mean to sound like i am. I just want to try and help others as i know how dramatising and crazy it all is. I also really want to try and help myself, I've tried medication a few years ago, I've been to a physiatrist for c.o.p.d which i will go on to into more depth in a future post an thought i would try and get it all my thoughts and experiences out on a screen to maybe help me in some way. To meet and talk to people who are like me, going through the same or simialar things. Because alothough i would never want ANYBODY to have ocd, some of us do and in a non harmful or cruel way its almost comforting to know your not the only one. And it also make you feel a little less 'crazy/wierd'.
I also don't want to offend anybody. Just writing 'crazy/weird' made me query my choice of words. I'm referring to myself not others.
I'm not going to hold back on descriptive words on these posts, if i feel like a 'lunatic' sometimes, i will type that.

I'm using these posts almost like my online therapist.

Of course feel free to read even if you don't have ocd, you may know someone or know of some one where you can recommend my posts or others online to help them in someway. And i know some people just find it interesting to read. 
Because boy oh boy i have some thing to tell you! 

I think i'll post maybe every 10 days or so. Its quite difficult to write things like this down, I'm not really bothered about sharing this online because i know so many other people experience ocd too, i'm quite open and happy to talk about me to anyone to be honest. Its just to write down something you have been doing everything day, something that constantly changes, something that consumes your every day life for most, pretty much all of your life is quite exhausting not only for my brain for my hands too lol!

Just one more thing, these aren't going to be cry me a river while i have a choir of people playing violins for me. I really try my best to stay positive with my ocd. It just sort of becomes everyday life and i just try and get on with it. Yes some days it really takes over my life but i dont want ocd to define who i am. I try and see the funny side of it sometimes because it can be that comical that its hilarious.
But i do know how hard it is and will be deep down series on how OCD can really make you feel, during and after.

My next posts i will tell you every type of OCD I've had over the years and go from there really, explaining everything I've had to do and went through over the years. 

I really really really hope in some way i can comfort you if you are have OCD or know someone who does.
It takes over your days, every second until you fall asleep it affects you. So hopefully i can be your friend and help each other. 

See you soon :)


Up until i was 18, i had never set foot in another country. Never been on a plane... ferry.. cruise... a jellycopter. 

A few months after i turned 18 my mother & father in law treated along with themselves myself, Richard (my husband) & one of my brother and sisters in law & their little one to Menorca.
As soon as i realised the plane wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be, i was hooked and i hadn't even stepped my feet on the ground yet.

We only really ventured out into the city once where we had a lovely morning on a tour boat and shopped in the town.
It was sizzling hot all week and
were talking HOT! Each and every day it got a little hotter & unlike here in england its quite a humid sticky hot, abroad its just, HOT.

 I'm now totally obsessed with holidays.
So far I've had my holiday in menorca and my honeymoon in lanzarote which was the most amazing time ever. It was during the easter holidays where the kids would be off & as it was our honeymoon we just wanted a quiet chill, adult time. So we went to a gorgeous boutique hotel and again the weather was gorgeous, the people was so friendly, almost like a different world.
As it was our honeymoon we needed time to just relax after many busy months planning so we ventured out of the resort just a few times.

I'm so thirsty for more. Of course I'm always looking where me and my husband and family can go to sit and lounge by a pool.
But a part of me wants to EXPLOOOOORE.

Different cultures, cities, rainforests, villages, oceans, mountians.
And not just abroad... Theres places in England where theres soooo many places i haven't been to yet that are literally a train journey away.
I've never been to London! LONDON
Some spend hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds to get to london, where as i could just hop on a train and be there in a jiffy.

Heres my 3* destination i would like to visit in the near future...
*out of 100s ;)

It has always been a place I've wanted to visit.
Its somewhere, where i don't need a passport or a huge suitcase and yet i have it pretty much on my door step and its a place where you can explore endlessly.
Each year i'd say right, THIS year i WILL go... and still haven't been.
Sooooo, I'm NEED to go this year, i need to start doing everything i say I'm going to do in 2017.
Of course all the touristy places are on the list.
Harry Potter World, Buckingham Palace, London Eye... Tower of London.
OHHHHH i cannot waiiiit. 

New York
Oh New York, New York.
I know I'm not the only one to have this place as one of there go to places.
How can you not?
So much to do and see to explore and learn.
SOOO much shopping... i mean New York the Shopping Central!
To be honest though, even if i didn't set foot into a bath and body works store, or trot around Bloomingdales i would be one happy bunny! 
To be able to see the statue of liberty, to see New Yorks skyline in real life and not just in pictures, to walk around central park knowing, that Kevin McCallister was in these midsts.

Not only can you explore here but as your exploring the beaches in Thailand, it would feel so relaxing, zen and blessed. 
Your getting your exploring and leisurely break in one.
My brother and sister in law went to Thailand for their honeymoon.
Went to all sorts of different places to explore and relax.
Just seeing some of the beautiful areas in Thailand would really make me feel happy. 

What are some of your holiday destinations you want to visit?
Have you ever been to some of the places I've mentioned?

Thank you for reading :D xx


Its October 1st today and i thought i would do a post totting down a list of things i would to get up to this autumnal month.

Dye my hair

2 weeks ago from today i had my hair cut into a long bob.
Its the shortest it has ever been. I must have had around 10-12 inches cut off & it feels so refreshing to have done something new with my hair... not to mention how little time it takes me now to wash etc. 
Have you ever had the chop when your hairs always been long? Do you like it and wish you had done it sooner? I definitely do!

Before i had the 'LOB', i had my hair balayaged. 
So my hair was a lot blonder on the ends of my longer hair, which are all chopped off now. So I'm left with a sort of blondish, auburnish colour all over apart from the roots.
I do really like it, but I'm actually really missing my dark hair.
Now were in October and its autumn, i'm going to dye it all over dark chocolate brown again. I've loved my time being a 'bronde'.
But I'm sooo excited to a be a deep chocolate again to blend in with all the autumnal colours :)

Continue Sorting and Organising

For the past few months I've been trying to sort out everything i own. From knickers & socks to cinema tickets alike.
I've lately been feeling over whelmed with in my environment, when every drawer i open just feels like its full of 'junk'.

I feel so much better about my space now since sorting through things i have. 
I had 2x 5 litre boxes full of clothes, squished to the brim, rolled up to can save maximum space for the next row of clothes to go on top.
Pluuuuuus, at one point of top of those boxes i had around 6! 6!! vacuum bags jam packed with clothes.
Since then I've been working through them getting down a few vacuum bags at time. Eventually getting down to my big filled boxes, this is when i could really start getting down to business.
So far I've managed to fill around 6 BIG black bags full of clothes to give away/recycle.
It feels so refreshing & liberating to know I've let go off all those clothes. 

But i still have looooads that i want to sort. Nicnac things as well soon swarm your drawers.
So in October i want to continue on the journey to a more minimal and organised lifestyle. 

Snuggle Corner

A few weeks ago i decided that i wanted to get rid of my current desk from ikea & ditch a computer/dressing table desk all together.
I had it all planned, a poofe was on the list, i found a little bedside table in our downstairs cupboard doing nothing so popped my computer on that, put up all my autumnal items and fairy lights and was all set.
But its really not working out for me.
Thankfully i didn't get my poofe and wasted money on something i definitely dont need. 
So I've now decided I'm still not having my desk back but opting for a 'floating' desk. Some made to measure between my wall & wardrobe to have my computer and things alike on.
My desk previously was lovely but i just didnt need it anymore. It was too big for my needs since i have been sorting a lot of things.
So in the next few weeks ill be sorting out mu snuggle/cozy nook and along with the organising will hopefully create more space in my room.

Packing Minimal

Over the years, each time i need to use my suitcase/overnight bag, i really try and pack super minimal. Never happens.
I have got better over the years but I'm definitely not where i want to be with it.
This month I'm going away with Richard, both my 2 brothers & sister in laws, on a over night stay.

So this month i need to bring myself together & finally learn how to pack minimal especially for such a short stay.
Im going to limit myself to half a small suitcase.

What are you up to in October?
Have you made any plans for outings or lifestyle plans maybe?

Thank you so much for reading 
my reading blog blooms x

The Autumn Tag 2016

(image from google)

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
As soon as September 1st comes around its autumn for me. Even though i really try to appreciate all seasons, autumns just always in the back of my mind & at the for front of it in august! Just knowing the nights are going to be getting darker so much earlier & it starts to get a little chillier each day, you turn your heating up a little dash on the dial each week & also of course the shops bring out jumpers! Now thats when you know its autumn!

2. What is your favourite Fall scent?
Yankee Candle fireside treats & anything along the lines of warming, sweet smells. Also some musky ones too. Do you find the pictures on the candles make you feel all cozy inside just looking at them? Because i sure do!

3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?
OHHHHHHH, the hardest question! Burgundy, its going to have to be. Whenever i think of autumn the first colour is burgundy. Oh so dreamy!

4. What is your favourite Fall drink?
I'd like to say pumpkin spiced latte, but in all honesty I've never tried it (its on my autumn to do list)
but it's 1000000% hot chocolate! Made with hot milk, lashings upon lashings of whipped cream (not ashamed) and marshmellows, i might add chocolate flakes to that list this year (again not ashamed)

5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?
I don't know if this counts as a tv show but channel 5 and movie channels have christmas films showing, just the independent not well known kinds (they are SO good!) Oh, do i love to sit and watch them with my hot chocolate mountain in one hand and my blanket in the other. Theres nothing more cozy. 

6. What is your favourite Fall fashion trend?
 Little tan boots, tights, thick chunky scarfs, a hat with fluffy pom poms on the top and my treasured softest ever gloves from tesco.
I also love how dainty gold jewellery looks with all the autumnal clothes too. 

7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?
I love going to see local fireworks display also free, when you stand just outside the area where most people gather to watch. Its a prime opportunity to where all you chunky knits & wrap up and enjoy some autumn chilliness while watching pretty colours in the sky. Also getting together with family and having hearty meals, stew cottage pieeeee & having some treasured family time while the wood fires (radiator) is warming us up. This is year i really want to make some DIYs, keep a look out on here & my youtube channel, i might just do some!

8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather? 
Autumn is my most favourite time of year for makeup. Its all about the dark lips for me. Gorgeous plums and purples, or smokey glitter eyes with a nude lip. You know its autumn when you see uploads on youtube, with makeup looks with goooorgeous dark lips! 

Thank you so much for reading my autumn loves

see you soon :)

Tag Questions:
1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

2. What is your favourite Fall scent?
3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?
4. What is your favourite Fall drink?
5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?
6. What is your favourite Fall fashion trend?
7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?
8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather? 

Emilie Louise - 5 Facts About Me

1. I was born on a Sunday afternoon on the 20th of February 1994. 22 that makes me (^.^)

2. I have been married to my prince for a year and a half on the 27th of this month & but we've been together for 7 years :O

3. The only answer i could give you for my favourite colour would be AUTUMN.

4. In the future i would love to live in another country. I cant wait to experience new places, make so many new memories, meet new people and explore different ways of living in a completely different place.

5. I drink tea ALOT! I'm not so keen on different flavoured teas, but just your simple Yorkshire Tea makes me feel at home. 
Of course I'm drinking one right now as i type!


Each one of these facts I'm going to be doing separate posts on, in more depth, i know you may be thinking, a post about tea? tbh i would love to just do some snazzy pics of my freshly made tea and just post that (not saying i never will mind you) but it will be more of a homely post, things that make me feel so happy and content when I'm at home.

See you soon, sunshine bloom. 

My Pink Converse

My shoe collection has just on up one notch since I've brought these. I just love them! I never used to like converse on myself whatsoever. I never understood the hype abut them but at the same time loved them on other people.

I tried on pairs in the past, but thoughts never change, they just didn't suit me.

A few years passed and i was still in need a good staple pair of pumps in my collection that would just go with everything pretty much, something easy just to slip on that would look pretty cool.

I now had Pinterest  where my pins were vastly involving converse. Also many outfits with converse shoes making all of them look so good!

I hopped onto very and ordered myself a pair of the white ones.
Wether it was because i was trying them on at home in my own environment change my mind or my style has change, but i fell IN LOVE with them.

So that was it, i am now hooked on converse with a array of styles and colours on my wish list. The gorgeous pink pair was on the top of my list and couldn't resist purchasing them. I first saw them on a lady who worked in h&m, with some ripped denim jeans and a plain black top, this shade just made the whole outfit so different. I feel like they add such an edge and difference to my outfits. This shade is so perfect for summer too & has been the ultimate shoe for me this summer. With an all black outfit too, these has just a little summin summin. 

I have been told that converse are the most comfiest shoes to wear, i think both of my pairs need bit more wearing in, as come the end of a full day wearing them, they do tend to hurt a little but overtime I'm sure they will feel like slippers.

I think the next pair i will invest in will be the high top plain white pair. 
Ouu, and the sky blue shade! So many to choose from.

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Range Review

This is so super over due BUT how could i not post about the new  launch of the Zoella Sweet Inspirations range.
I just picked up 2 items for now which really caught my eye right off the bat. 

 Double Creme Body Cream.

I thought i would add one more lotion to my overflowing drawer of body lotions that just never seems to go down, please don't say its just me? 

My theory is that, if i haven't personally smelt the scent yet, i won't take the plunge to get the body spritz, the lotion is slightly cheaper and it just gives you a chance to smell a not so powerful version & isn't so bad if you don't like the scent. 

At first i didn't know what to make of the scent that ZoĆ« chose, but as i continued to use the products, ones became quite fond *purchases body mist*
The description says that is has a macaron scent, with sweet almond oil, cacao and honey. As I'm reading this after just giving it another whiff you can totally experience each and every flavour.

It's very creamy and just slightly on the thick side. So along with the scent thats quite warm and rich, i personally prefer to use this in the evening and opt for something more fresh in the day from Zoe's tutti fruity range. 

But when i say 'slightly on the thick side', i don't mean it takes 100 years to absorb, this cream sinks is so quickly just leaving a comforting softness on your body. 

Life is Sweet Beauty Bag

As soon as i saw Zoe's video showing us everything she was bringing out in this range,the feeling of love, lust, desire, want, need happened.

This cutie of a purse is so delicate and sweet.
its quite thin, really thin but is perfect for keeping cards, receipts  spare change neat and tidy.
Or even on your desk to keep those stray sticky note papers in.

I love the shade of blue, it perfectly suits this pastel shade range and the scalloped edge makes my soul very happy. 

I would really recommend you check these products out if you haven't already. Zoe and her team have done an amazing job with this range as well as all the previous ranges too.

I will be purchasing more from this range don't you fret.
Having just watched Zoe's video on her new christmas range, bet your bottom dollar a post will blooming on those products too


See you soon

Jaclyn Hill & Becca - Champagne Pop

Wow, just wow. Jaclyn Hill & Becca has made a gemstone.
 A rare gemstone. 

Emphasis on the rare! i hunted this down so hard, on the verge of spending a lot of money in Sephora to get it shipped to the uk, which lets face it isn't a real hardship ;)
In perfect timing my auntie in law told me she was going to new york and i thought.. *opera harmonies* yaaaay this could be the moment i get my hands on it.
She and her group looked for it everywhere for me which i appreciate so so much but everywhere was sold out :(
My auntie then messaged me and told me to look on the internet. Of course my heart slightly dropped as i already knew nowhere had it at easy access.

I was then told to look on Space NK and there it was *opera harmonies again*
right there for me to click with no over spending in Sephora.. no shipping costs when it came to my door... just right there for me to click and it all me mine *cruella divile laugh*
And my hunk of a husband even brought it for me as a present! Which was just a cherry on the top.

 In a very detailed personal description i would describe the shade as though jaclyn herself & the whole team at becca have each a block of gold.
Standing around a huge bowl listening to *opera harmonies 3rd time*....
and finely grating that bar of gold into the bowl which is then formed in the famous gorgeous sturdy packaging at the becca factory.

 Im not at all suggesting that this is grainy from the bar grating, as this formula feels like cream, smooth soft cream.
 That glides on the skin like butter.

Even though the formulas so creamy the lasting power of the highlighter is so long lasting, shines & glows all day long.

 Thank you for reading
see you on my next post


My Favourite Spring Nail Polishes

Even though i'm so ready to start uploading my summer posts, i didn't want to miss sharing this one... My Favourite Spring Nail Polishes. 
These colours just scream spring to me, but of course they can transition into summer colours too.

I love to where more brighter pastel shades in the spring because throughout autumn/winter i would be wearing maroons, blacks, deep purples, dark reds (which all i adore)
but its lovely to get my pastel shades out and have a bright fresh colour on my nails.

I love spring and everything about it! Like my home and life in springtime i just want to freshen everything up, including my nails and i use these colours to do just that...

From Left to Right...
Essie - Sparkle On Top (Bridal Collection)
Barry M Nail Gelly - Sugar Apple
Essence - Be Awesome Tonight
Barry M Nail Gelly - Rose Hip
Essie - Hubby For Dessert (Bridal Collection)

Thank you so much for checking out what colours i like to wear in spring time on my nails & ill see you soon on my next post which will be flowing into the summery vibes ;) 

My Favourite Spring Fragrance

To name my reasons why i love spring and why its my favourite season, could be a whole post on its own.
But, i'll give you one & thats the smell of spring.
The fresh air, the freshly cut grass, the sun shine warming up our garden so we can have bbqs... that scents our neighbourhood & best of all... the scent of freshly blooming flowers.
In our front garden we have rose bushes that have been planted there since we moved in, since i was born! Every year they bloom into beautiful, plump, petal crammed beauties.
I LOVE the smell of roses! I feel its such a classy, sophisticated, pretty scent in flower and product form.

Speaking of such, here is my ultimate favourite spring fragrance.
Paul Smith - Rose

Quite a few years ago myself, mom, nan & uncle went on a little holiday, where of cause we perused around some shopping centres.
We popped into what i believe was boots? 
Strolling past the counters and smelling some perfumes. We came across this one, all loved it and all brought it.
I picked this particular bottle up for just £20.00 in asda. 
So affordable for such a fragrance that smells like it should be so much more!

* sprays on hand, so i can get a good whiff to describe*
Roses, pure roses.
This fragrance is of course floral... with only a pinch of sweetness.
Im not keen on the over powering artificial scents sometimes of rose scented products & this is far from that.
Its smells like Paul Smith himself has picked fresh roses from his garden, crushed the petals until they release liquid and carefully poured it into a glass bottle.

This fragrance is truly beautiful & Its not at all over powering. It makes me feel so delicate and pretty whenever i where it, which is why i wore this on my wedding day!
As i spritzed this on to myself and over my wedding dress, 
i felt that i had made the perfect choice with my bridal fragrance, fresh and classic. 
The scent from my bouquet and the scent of this gorgeous fragrance blended so well & made me feel oh so bridal.

There we have it, you now know my ultimate spring fragrance.